Mr. Magoo’s New Companion!!!

So We Have A Visitor For A Couple Of Weeks (At Least). His Name Is Roger! He Is Handsome & Sassy (Which I Like B/C So Am I).

I Was Super Worried The First Couple Of Days, As Roger Was In Hiding! I Just Brought Him Into Th House In His Little Pink Carrier & Set Him Down In The Entry Way-Opened the Cage Door.

Mr. Magoo & Roger Have Known Each Other Since Roger Was A Kitten. My Moms Friend Is Roger’s Owner Who May Have Been Dating My Mom. So I’d Bring Magoo There & Roger Would Come To The Apt.

However, It Has Been Quite Some Time Since They Have Seen Each Other… I Thought They Would Just Pick Up How They Were Before…

Unfortunately That Needed Some Time… Mr. Magoo Is My Cat… He Is Protective & He Does Not Like His Territory (Home) Intruded Upon. Understandably.

After The First Couple Of Days… They Have Return Back To Normal… Eating, Sleeping & Playing Together… I Think Both Of Them Could Have Used The Companionship!



I’m In Love With This Outfit!

Comfortable & Cozy Enough For Staying Home & Looking Super Cute If You Need To Slip Outta the House As Well!

Don’t Forget Your Matching YETI Cup… Hydration Is Sooo Important!

Black Leggings – VS Pink

White Tank & Sweater – Maurice’s

Today’s Bird!

Mr. Magoo Left Me A Present…

I Walked Out Of My Apt. & Down The Stairs To This…

Honestly, I Almost Stepped On It 😳

Although It Doesn’t Bother Me As Cats Regularly Bring Things Like This To Show It Off To Their Human… It Is A Way for Them To Show Affection.

Mr. Magoo Is My Baby!

Getting Fired In An Awful Way…

Yesterday, I Showed Up For Work at My Part-Time Bartending Job & I Am Approached When I Get Out of My Car… Walking In The Parking Lot to the Front Door… I Was Stopped By The Bar Owner & Manager. I Was Told I Was Being Let Go or Fired. And They Needed My Keys.

Wait? WTF? Why? Now I Have Been There Part Time Since 2006-Only 12 Years of My Life. I Worked For My Family. I Was Blind Sided. Here I Am In The Parking Lot of Where I Used to Work (Was All Ready to Work My Night Shift, Etc.)  – In Shock. The Owner & Bar Manager Took My Bar Keys As I Am In Tears. The Owner Made Me Feel Ambushed/Attacked Coming Towards Me, Trying to Look Into My Purse & The Manager Stepped In & Said “Thats All She Has Is A Key to the Front Door.” For That, I Thank You. I Handed Over My Keys. I Did What Was Asked of Me. Why Am I Still Feeling Ambushed… All I Wanted to Do Was Escape.

This Type of Situation Is Not Easy for Anyone Involved. Especially When You Feel It Could Have Been Handled In A Much More Appropriate Way. Does It Matter Now? NO. What Is Done Is Done. Period. End of Story.

I Asked Why? And It Was A Very Legit Question As I Didn’t Have Any Clue… Still Don’t… I  Was Told Their Attorney Would Contact Me. The Bar Manager Did Show Me Kindness & It Not Go Unnoticed.

I Felt Like I Was Ganged Up On & Put on Public Display in the Parking Lot. Which Lets Be Honest, Is What Happened. Does It Hurt to Be Put On Public Display. YES. Was It Really Necessary? Probably Not – In My Opinion.

I’m Crying & In Shock. I’m Hurt & That’s Okay. Why Even Make Me Show Up To Work? I Could Have Been Called, Texted, Etc. I Was Available All Week-Literally. Yes, I Work & Have Busy Days, But I Could Have Always Made Time. I Didn’t Even Know This Was Coming. Obviously Being So Upset, I Just Walked Away & Got Back Into My Car. I Was Balling & There Was No Point In Having Me On Public Display Any Longer. I Feel This Is More Of A Private Affair – Not A Public One. But That Is My Personal Opinion.

Does This Sound Familiar? It Should… I Believe There Is A Post From July Where I Was Publicly Attacked/Blindsided at a Birthday Party, As Well… Is There Some Kinda Theme Going On Here?

The Manager Who Does Expenses, Payroll, Etc. Was Not There & I Did Text Her After All Of This Went Down. I Asked for The Attorneys Name & Phone No., So I Could Find Out Why I Was Being Fired. I Was Told:

I Would Not Be Receiving A Letter or Call From Their Attorney. What Was Explained to You Was That Is That Our Attorney Said We Don’t Have to Give You A Reason. Sorry You Felt Blind Sided – We Felt It Was Best to Do In Person. When You Lost Your Day Shift You Were Told You Were Put On Probation. That Probation for Saturday’s, Which Was Meant For You to Ship Up. That Hasn’t Happened.

What Probation? I Did Not Receive A Call, Chat, Letter, SOS Signal, Sticky Note, Text, Etc. NOTHING Mentioning Any Type of Probation. Also, The Bar Owned Told Me I’d Hear From Their Attorney-That Was What Was Explained to Me. Obviously There Were Some Communication Issues.

Regardless, It Doesn’t Matter Anymore. I’m Telling My Story of How I Felt Blind Sided & This Is Part of the Story.

The Day Shift:

I Over Slept. I Received 1 Text Saying My Shift Was Being Covered By Some Else. I Assumed As Punishment for Sleeping Through My Alarms. I Felt Shitty Enough As It Was – I Figured It Was A Way Of Taking My Income/Hours As A Penalty/Punishment. Then I Did Check In With The Bar Manager Via Text Apologizing – And Meant It.

Then I Receive A Text Later That Night:

Since She Trumps Responsibilities of Showing Up for Work. And You Didn’t Find It Important to  Call In When You Woke Up – Tuesday Will Be Covered by Someone Else From Now On.

Wait… What? I Received A Text Saying My Shift Was Covered. My Best Friend Called Me Which Woke Me Up & Needed Help for a Little Bit. Maybe 30 Min. Which I Had Time to Do As I Was Already Told My Shift Was Gone (Covered By Someone Else) Then I Texted In The Apology. No Mention of Any Type of Probation. I Didn’t Even Fight – I’m Not Into Drama or the Bullshit. And God Do People LOVE to Talk About Me. Maybe I Should Find It Flattering. The Only Thing Other People Have to Do In Life Is Start Drama? BAHAHA. Thank God I Don’t Live Your Life.

Mind Your Own Business – The Only Person Who Really Knows The Truth Is You. It Is What It Is. You Want to Take My Day Shift… Fine But Don’t Accuse Me Of Something I Didn’t Do. It Was An Accident. I Had Told the Bar Manager Before As Well That I Am Struggling with Anxiety, Depression & I Know I’ve Made Mistakes… I’m Not Saying That Haven’t… But Keep An Open Line of Communication Please. There Are Always Different Sides of the Story. I Guess Maybe I Just Felt Like Mine Didn’t Matter… It Hurts To Not Even Be Contacted With The Circumstances to Ask What Happened. Again… It Is What It Is.

Does This Matter Now – NO.

Also I Was Told:

There Were Calls To You Sunday & Monday & That You Never Responded. This Was The Only Way I Could Guarantee Talking to You. 

I Have A Text About Buckets. Period. There Are No Phone Calls Or Texts to Me What So Ever. Period. No One Tried to Contact Me. I Sent My Phone Logs, Text, Etc. And I Was Told Regardless I Was No Longer Needed. I Understand That. No Need In Repeating It. But Own Up to the Misunderstanding. I Was Getting Fired… But Lying to To Me About Contacting Me & Ambushing Me in the Parking Lot (Making a Scene) Was Just So Hurtful to Me & I Can’t Help How I Felt.

I Guess… I Just Thought That It Would Have Been Different With My Family… I Am Pretty Good At Compartmentalizing Family & Work. One Shouldn’t Affect the Other. Is It Always Easy – No.  People Get Hurt – Especially Those of Us With A Big Heart Who Are Sensitive.

Obviously There Were Some Communication Issues. Does it Matter Now – Absolutely NOT. Is This Post Putting Blaming Anyone or Anything – No. It Is Just How I Was Made to Feel.

Please Note… I Am Not Perfect! I Make Mistakes! I’m Human. I Struggle Along With Most Of Us in the World at Some Point in Time.  I’m Not Getting Into The Story Or Any Part Of It B/C It Doesn’t Matter. This Isn’t What This Is About. It Is What It Is. It’s The Past. I Just Wish That No One Else Should Have To Be Made to Feel This Way.

I Could Have Met With the Manager Who Does The Expenses, Payroll, Etc. I Could Have Went to Her House. She Is Family. I Could Have Met the Bar Manager Any Time or Any Place. Out of the All of the Employers I Have Ever Worked With… They All Have Had The Basic Decency to Have A Conversation With Me in Private. Was It An Easy Conversation – Absolutely Not. They Didn’t Make A Scene or Anything Like That But They Did Talk to Me. And I Appreciate That More Than Anything Right Now.

I Never Realized How Much That Meant to Me Until Last Night. I Want to Take This Time to Send A Shout Out To Any Employer I Have Ever Worked With in the Past… Thank You For Giving Me a Conversation. No Matter How Awkward or Awful It Was. You Will Never Know How Much It Meant To Me – Whether It Was A Mutual Agreement Or Downsizing The Office Due to the Lose of Million Dollar Clients. You Had The Courage To Talk to Me. And For That, You Are The Hero’s of This World. I Appreciated Your Time. It Does Not Go Un-noticed. Even If No One Thanks You At The Time… Because We Are Just Upset, In Shock, Or Anything Else… But We Respect You for That.

It Is Hard. People Get Hurt In Life. Some More Than Others.

Is This Post Intended to Offend Anyone… Absolutely Not. It Is What It Is. It Happened. Can You Change It? No. Should you Dwell On Anything In The Past – Absolutely Fucking Not. You’re Not Going That Way.

Move Forward. You Will Remember How People Made You Feel… But Let That Lesson Help You Bloom Into A Better Person…